Never-Fading Flower Advanced Replenishing Facial Cleanser

e120 ml 4.05 FL.OZ.

Your skin can become even more supple and soft with deep cleansing, while gentle wash of makeup helps prepare for the best preparation of subsequent skin care.

  Main Ingredients

Organic Amaranth Essence, Calendula Officinalis Flower, Liquorice, Chamomile


Refreshing gel texture which is different from regular general cleansing products. There is sope free, no chemical preservative as paraben, SLS/SLES, and toxic chemical ingredients. Laksh has strictly selected natural sources of surfactants, cleared with the most stringent ECOCERT certification from EU We are providing the purest, gentlest, and fresh feeling products for your skin. The delicate foam can gently wash away make up, dirt, and excess oil, making the skin to achieve deep cleansing and to reveal soft and translucent. The products contains essence extract and multiple complex plant essence from never-fading flower, so that your skin will turn refreshing, and tender after using, and it is moisturized from tightness, considered the best preparation for subsequent skin care. Besides, the natural fragrance of complex plant essence will not just purify your skin but also spirit, which is as if enjoying a natural spa.