Never-Fading Flower Replenishing & Rehydrating Moisturizer

e50 ml 1.70 FL.OZ.

It is highly moisturizing and can provide all-weather, long-lasting, and deep lock hydration. Thus, it can render skin from grease and with such sense of plumpness, and it turns with brightness and smoothness from any burden.

  Main Ingredients

Organic Amaranth Essence, Natural Rose Water, Tamarindus Indica, Shea Butter, Chamomile


With a light texture and mild, the product providing all-weather long-term, fully seal moisture into your skin, and gives skin sense of smoothness and brightness from any burden instead of any grease. It contains no alcohol, no chemical flavoring, and preservative as paraben and other harmful chemicals. Given with organic essence of never-fading flowers, rose hydrosol, essence of tamarind, and the maintenance care activity energy of natural shea butter, it can immediately balance the moisture within skin, and rebuild and strengthen self-moisturizing mechanism of cells to lock and maintain the normal moisture-retention content of skin to avoid aging. When in use, you can inhale the fragrant smell of the plant complex essence, and appreciate detailed care of being well looked after. The product has used vacuum packaging design (airless dispensers) to avoid adding unnecessary or chemical ingredients that might cause doubts. Besides, it has retained fresh and organic active ingredients; therefore, there will be no secondary pollutants for using the product.