Never-fading flower

Full of mysterious charisma from tropical America, a purple red brilliant flower, found with tough and strong vitality of strong as given with inherent drought-resistant and pressure-resistant features. Under such fierce environment, it still gives out beautiful and confident bloom.

During the times of ancient civilization, the Aztecs believe that she has such supernatural powers. In Mexico, it is believed that she represents happiness and joy. In India, she was majestically decorated as the "King of the Cereal." from the beautiful legend. In ancient Greek, she was referred to as "never-fading flower," telling its beauty and elegance which will never die out.

With extract from organic never-fading flower of Peru, it is avoided from using antibiotic, growth hormone and insecticide during the process of planting. It contains no gluter, and that is why it is natural, pure and non-irritating of its own. The experiment has shown that it won't cause allergies and it is bland. It is rich with high level of colloidal peptides, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and Essential Amino Acids which is necessary for human bodies. Also, it is high efficiently of skin- moisturizing, leaving the skin with a delicate and smooth touch, awakening natural and energetic radiance!