The Secret

The most important quality of the effect of cosmetic contents is the proportion the reaches the intended tissue.

The two major targeting tissues for skin care products:

1. Stratum germinativum
2. Dermis

The purpose of hydrating products:

  • To protect the surface of stratum corneum, reduce the loss of moisture, increase moisture content of stratum croneum - Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Penetrate the lipid between keratinocyte to reach Stratum germinativum and replenish moisture of keratinocyte. Increase osmotic pressure of moist while initiating potassium channel of plasma membrane to replenish cell moisture content, instantly brighten the skin.
  • The moist reaches dermis through tratum germinativum to replenish moist in extra cellular matrix (ECM), instantly making the skin tight and firm. When the moist reaches dermis, a telling sign is that the skin will return to whiteness, as the capillaries in dermis extract.

Only those skin care products that succeed theses three purposes are guaranteed to be effective.

And this is the core technology of our company.

As cleanness is essential to skin care products, all our products are produced and filled in air-control clean rooms.