Explanation of primary ingredients for Amino Acid

Super-refined bubbles, one experiences such skin-caring enjoyment of salon - class for face -cleansing

Amino Acid is a very-class ingredient for face-cleansing lotion, and it is given with moisturizing and skin-caring effect as it won`t result in skin dryness and stimulation. Besides, since its foam is most refined it won・t render skin to feel rigid even if there is long-term contact with it. Such mode of facial cleaning soap is made up of this highest class of skin cleaning ingredient, and it is suitable on the facial cleansing products of skin-care for all skin. Of these products, mild bubble made of Amino acid surfactants can be found in many facial cleaning products, and to achieve full cleaning effect surfactants inclined to alkalinity are employed. Therefore, when dirt is cleansed it has also brought away moisture, and it is why face will end up with dryness and rigidity after cleansing. Because of effect with long-term transformation and influence, many women will find it that it is exactly the exactly of genuine cleaning, and so they keep on with the habit. Nonetheless, they have, unconsciously, lost much moisture without any awareness.

The new-generation spirit for facial cleansing claims to make use of mild amino acid surfactants that can work for cleaning comprehensively. Of such novel product, it is found with mild alkalinity and is most close to the pH value of our natural skin, and so it is very skin-intimate and won・t hurt our skin. Such as in the summer time, the skin is most greasy than the other season and grease appears very often. Therefore, one might have to cleanse face more than two times a day, and at that time facial cleansing product of Amino acid series will, definitely, be considered as the best choice.

Natural Amino Acid is helpful for moisture to penetrate into pore, and it can, tenderly, cleanse, break down, and get of aged and obsolete in the skin. As concurrently with face-washing, it helps to supplement the moisture and protein needed for skin quickly, balance skin grease, and complete thorough cleanings of skin, forming natural protective membrane. Since the molecules of natural amino acid surfactants is given with mild alkalinity that it can also work to preserve moisture.

King of cleansing V Amino Acid.

" Not only your best choice, but also your only choice "

AMINO ACID Deep Cleansing Mousse

AMINO ACID Cleansing Foam

  • Removing old cuticle.
  • Cleaning dirt and excess metabolite.
  • Preventing acne and pimple.
  • Deep moisturizing.
  • Mild foams, no irritation.
  • Deep cleansing, removing cosmetics while cleaning
  • All skin types.