Why using Reviving facial mask- DNA repairing after a spa ?

Because in the process of facial skin care, cleaning techniques includes exfoliating, removing acne, skin・s physical temperature change and deep massagesK etc. All these would cause response from the immune system. If it is minor, it would only cause micro-vascular dilation, red cheeks. But if it is serious, there・ll be rash or allergic reactions. No matter what, the efficiency of the skin care SPA face mask would decrease and would have side effects.

The last process for facial skin care is to use Reviving facial mask- DNA repairing, it can balance the immune system response, it・ll heal the redness of the skin, and even, it would rule out the allergic reactions, it・ll make every process to reach its maximum effectiveness. It would refresh DNA・s repair function. It is completely free of medical ingredients; it is made of natural plant extract formula. It can be used anytime, on every skin, for any problems, and can be used with any other products. Any ingredients can be added, it would not affect its effectiveness, please come and experience!!