The Principle of the Mask

  • Place facial mask on the face, the materials in the mask would tightly grasp the skin surface to avoid skin exposed in the air. On one hand it allows the moisture to be absorbed slowly into the skin, and to prevent the water loss in the membrane. It provides skin cells with moisten environment so that skin surface and ECM can absorb enough moist. With enough moist in the skin, the skin would be softer and increase its flexibility. Furthermore, because the skin surface is sealed with face mask, causing the skin to warm up and it would help with blood circulation, boost up the cells and rinse out the tiredness.

  • In the course of a facial, skin and air were separated, the temperature on the skin surface would increase which opens up pores to promote the secretion of sweat glands. This way, it washes out the dusts, pollutants and germs from the pores as well as the wastes generated by the metabolism of epidermis cell. Furthermore, when the face mask is forming in shape, the sticky side of the mask would stick out the dusts, pollutants and germs in the pores as well as the wastes.

  • The mask on the face would dry out slowly forming a thin film, as it gets drier, the mask would be tightened little by little, forming a good stimulus to the skin, and it would unfold the wrinkles. Thus, small wrinkles disappeared and the vivid wrinkles would fade, the skin would appear younger and healthier.

  • Place a moistened mask on the face, and leave it on for a short period of time, it would then facilitate the functional or nutritional substances to penetrate deep into the skin. At the same time, it would increase blood circulation then the skin cells would absorb the nutrients from the mask. This is an outstanding result which human thought about adding all these nutrients in the mask for skin cells to absorb, to obtain good results. Aside from this, mask has all the basic effects mentioned above, with other additional nutrients added would have other effects; for instance, moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, acne control and so on.