The Laksh moisturizing and rejuvenating series V from ocean TELOSOMYL

Exploring eternal youth has always been human pursuit. Currently believed anti-aging mechanism is mostly based on complete accuracy of DNA. The 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine identified the key role of telomere in aging process, as end protection cover for cell chromosome to protect DNA from damage. However, telomere by nature shortens over time and causes instability to DNA, which further leads to aging.

Thus, Laksh Skin Care specially designs a novel moisturizing and rejuvenating series. The series of products all contain a critical component, Telosomyl (Kappaphycus Alvarezii), which is extracted from deep-sea red algae and considered as one of the most effective anti-aging substances. It can effectively protect telomere from shortening over time and prevent aging to provide anti-aging effect.

Telosomyl (Kappaphycus Alvarezii) can make skin smooth and fine and facial contours firm. With experiment evidence when it is added 3% to personal care product formulation that is used once in the morning and in the night for 42 consecutive days, the experiment participants look younger by three years! In the subjective experiment, 95% participants feel younger in face; 96% feel smoother in skin and less in wrinkle; 95% feel skin tighter; 96% feel skin rejuvenated.

Thanks to the proprietary technology developed by Laksh R&D team. The rejuvenating power is immediately released and maximized as soon as the product contacts skin. It makes women・s dream come true by energizing and rejuvenating the skin every day.