Facial Mask Proposal

Main Proposal : To supply the facial mask by OEM & ODM
Supplier : Laksh International Co.,Ltd.

  • Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid ( HA )
  • Anti-Aging ( collagen )
  • Regenerating  
  • Natural Formula
  • Custom Made V Customer must provide their own ingredients and formulas

  • It can help to enhance the scope of product lines for your company without putting on additional production lines.
  • Since we are cosmetic GMP manufacturers, every regulation and implemenation are according to GMP standard, and it is why we can provide hygienic, and stable-quality facial mask.
  • we can provide facial mask with efficacy to accommodate to customer satisfaction and market demand

Customer satisfaction : Based on customer requirement, we assure 100% of customer satisfaction.
Target of service : Skincare Producer , Direct Sell, Pharmacy, Chain Store, SPA, Beauty Salon